A point beyond the horizon, manageable uncertainty, and predictable reality appear to be irreconcilable. Sustainable and valuable progress can exist when you accept that this is an empirical process.

The essence of effective and successful organizations is their ability to proactively adapt to a continuously changing world. The willingness and capacity of these agile organizations to incorporate development of talent, organization, resources and propositions leads to extraordinary competitiveness. Focus on customer satisfaction is their primary goal, achieving this is rewarded with financial dividends.

Aldorn SolutionsΒ guides leadership teams through change; from aspiration to realization. From greenfield start-up through to rejuvenation of valuable business assets such as culture, structure, proposition, processes, resources, and especially human talent. We accept the constant state of flux with an agile mindset and develop strategic and operational components empirically based on people and their collective knowledge. We define success as sustainable customer satisfaction.

“Business Rejuvenation – re-energize or revitalize, restore to an original or new state. Applicable to organization, products and processes.”

This is Aldorn Solutions

Business Rejuvenation is all about keeping up with changing customer expectations and innovations in how customer satisfaction is delivered. This may come through any form of transformation such as strategic reorientation, business realignment, or cultural recalibration.


Anything new is a start-up, e.g. a new product, market, or geography. If your organization has not ventured into a specific area, the operation will be in start-up mode.

Strategic solutions:

– Strategic business plan
– Financial modeling
– Product-Market viability
– Proposition design

Tactical solutions:

– Customer journey
– Organizational design
– System – Process – Practices
– Implementation coaching


A business or proposition has proven to be viable, but is not yet delivering it’s full market share and profit potential, you are entering into scale-up mode.

Strategic solutions:

– Market research/analytics
– Business case and scenario’s
– Go to market strategies
– Sourcing / production

Tactical solutions:

– Branding and localisation
– Operational management
– Leadership development
– Acceleration coaching


Internally and externally business is stagnating as changes in customer expectations have gone unnoticed, it is time to transform, rejuvenate and enter shake-up mode.

Strategic solutions:

– 4D business analysis
– Bottom up BHAG
– Leadership and culture
– Business model redesign

Tactical solutions:

– Rejuvenation actioning
– Transformation coaching
– Change implementation
– Sustainability support